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The Game

Primordials: Fireborn is an action adventure game following the tale of a fiery young hero named ‘Ash’ who finds himself on an epic journey to unlock the lost secrets of his past.
Currently in development by Toybox Games Studios in Melbourne, Australia, Primordials: Fireborn is a 3rd person combat and platforming driven experience, set in the vast and beautiful world of Eridal. With a focus on captivating storytelling, players will uncover a greater mystery about Ash, and the world he inhabits. Along the way, players will encounter unique characters and traverse incredible landscapes. Fireborn combines epic storytelling and thrilling gameplay into a single unforgettable experience.

The Story

Ash wakes with no memory, lost in the mysterious world of Eridal, a world filled with wonder and intrigue. Flora is luscious and fauna run rampant, inhabiting this beautiful but dangerous world. Ash is soon ambushed by hostile reptilian creatures and despite his best efforts to escape, he faints from exhaustion while ominous shadows begin to surround him. Ash wakes to find himself incarcerated with his reptilian pursuers. He attempts to escape and accidentally burns down his prison cell in the process. The power to wield fire has awoken within him. Worried about this hidden power his captors introduce Ash to their leader, Eldar. Eldar tells Ash of his people the Dreg, their ancestry, and their life inside the Hollow. Eventually, Eldar reveals to Ash that there are other beings like him, and if he hopes to learn of his past, he must find them.

Ash Main Protaganist
The Protagonist – Ash

Ash is part of a race rarely seen in Eridal. He has a strong sense of intuition, bravery and compassion, but he can also be stubborn and impulsive. His warm heart can turn destructive and hostile when in the midst of battle. A trained combatant, his enemies fall quickly as he exploits their weaknesses with an array of powerful abilities and techniques.

The World – Eridal

The land of Eridal is abundant with plant life and inhabited by anthropomorphic animals. However, the biggest wonders of this world are the mystical creatures that control the elements within their environment, the legendary Primordials.
Eridal is largely unknown and unmapped, however there are several well-known points of interest, including Scorch Peak and the massive glowing tree known as the Hollow.

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