Dev Blog 01 – A wombat, some combat, and Toybox 2022 – Happy holidays to you!

With the holidays right around the corner, our Creative Director has written our first dev blog for Primordials Legends: Hollow Hero and a recap of Toybox’s year bringing our incredible Wombat protagonist to life! 

Hey everyone, I’m Tyson Butler-Boschma, Co-founder & Creative Director here at Toybox Games Studios. 

With the holidays upon us, I thought it would be good to write a little blog reflecting on the past year, and our future plans at Toybox (TBX) Games heading into 2023. 

2022 has been an incredible year for TBX, with the announcement of Hollow Hero, the viral post showcasing our legendary hero Brunt, and a successful showing of the demo at PAX Aus, we are primed for an incredible 2023! 

The announcement of Hollow Hero was a scary one, as we weren’t sure if we were ready, but thankfully, you, the community, helped us feel incredibly welcome with the love and support of our Wombat! After the events of the past couple of years, to put our work out into the light and have it so positively received meant an incredible amount to the whole team. 

Moving into 2023 the main focus for us as a team is to continue building the community and momentum for Hollow Hero throughout the year, this includes several paths but is mostly broken down like so:

  • Community-focused events (PAX)
  • More social media presence, and content
  • Private playtesting opportunities for members of our community
  • Behind-the-scenes business and funding opportunities allow us to bring Hollow Hero to a larger audience at a higher quality. 

We will have plenty more to talk about with regard to all this as we make our way into and through 2023. 

Obviously, making the game is super important as well as community-focused content, so we are very excited to show the incredible work we have done in the past few months and will continue to do in 2023, as soon as we are ready! 

I hope to do more of these blog updates in the future when I have a spare moment, so be sure to keep an eye out for them! They will include interesting information about the development of the game, and the Toybox team and hopefully give you a nice peek behind the curtain of what is planned to be a much larger Primordials Universe.

With the future clear in our minds and a long 2022 behind us, it is time for myself, and the team to take a short, but very well-earned break. We will be back in full development swing in the New Year, and aiming to hit all our 2023 goals! 

Until then, from myself, and the whole Toybox Team, Happy Holidays, and we will see you in the New Year!


Creative Director


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The Author

Tyson Butler-Boschma

Creative Director - Toybox Games Studios

December 20, 2022