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The First Legend

Primordials Legends: Hollow Hero is the first in a series of short stories being developed by Toybox Games Studios. These stories are an introduction to a variety of unique characters and their experiences living in the fantasy world, Eridal.

Hollow Hero tells the tale of Brunt, an anthropomorphic wombat, and her first adventure outside of “The Hollow”. The gameplay focus is on platforming, combat, adventure and a variety of challenging puzzles.

We are developing a single-player, linear experience and have drawn inspiration from several mediums to home in on what makes an epic action-adventure game.

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Primordials Legends: Hollow Hero tells the tale of Brunt, Oak-Hide, the Hollow Hero who journeys into unknown lands to save her people and became a symbol amongst the Dreg. This legend is narrated by “Eldar”, Leader of the Dreg and Brunt’s adoptive father. Eldar is an ancient lore keeper who holds a wealth of knowledge in Eridalian history.

In the pursuit of knowledge, a Mysterious Stranger seeks out the renowned lore keeper in order to regale him with stories of the incredible creatures he has encountered over the course of his unusually long life, specifically the legend of Brunt, Oak Hide.


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Eldar begins his tale of Brunt and how he found her as a baby, abandoned, cold and lonely, on the outskirts of The Hollow. With no one to help her, he decided to take this orphan back to his home and raise her as a Dreg. He discusses how she grew rapidly, surpassing Dreg children her age, in both size and strength. Due to their differences, Brunt struggled to fit within Dreg society, and as a result, citizens grew to fear her, especially when she showed an affinity for combat.

Brunt’s physiology required her to consume resources at a greater rate when compared to the standard Dreg, this too contributed to the fear and resentment the Dreg felt towards her. Eldar’s mood darkens as he recollects the day abnormally large insects attacked Dreg camps around The Hollow; the day young Brunt became a legend.

This is where the game begins…

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Brunt, Oak-Hide

With her imposing presence and intimidating physique, you will take control of Brunt as she embarks on an epic journey through the beautiful fantasy world of Eridal. Brunt is a misunderstood creature due to her size and strength, but ultimately, she is selfless and is willing to sacrifice everything for those she loves.

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The World of Eridal

Beautiful and abundant with life, Eridal is a massive fantasy world that is inhabited by anthropomorphic animals. Shrouded in mystery, there are many secrets to find, including mystical god-like creatures that control the elements, known as the legendary Primordials.

Eridal is a vast land with diverse biomes and structures, including The Hollow – homeland of Brunt and the Dreg, The Southern Dreg Camp – the key base of operations in “Hollow Hero”, Scorch Peak – a dormant volcano, and many more.

Brunt’s journey is just one of many legends that exist within the universe’s lore. There are secrets hidden around every corner, locations to discover, and mysteries to solve. You will uncover how this world came to be and meet new legends that will help shape the future of Eridal.

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